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As Epic is adopted by the masses, it can be accepted as a medium of exchange for store owners and as fungible payments without the worry of having money that is tainted. We are not limiting ourselves to the technocrats, one of our main goals is to help the billions of unbanked.

Specifically, sending via Tor which eliminates the need to open portsproof of Warianty Claytrader. useful for certain dex applications e. Bisqand our native mobile app. Two obvious options are increasing the block size, as well as a Lightning Network-style Layer 2 structure. Individual people around the world can simply run the miner and earn meaningful money imagine Venezuela for examplesomething that has not been possible since the very early days of Bitcoin.

We are working on targeting more countries. We truly aim to be a decentralized project that is open to everyone worldwide. CryptoDiffer team Great, thank you for your answers, we now can move to community questions part!

Cryptodiffer Community You have 3 mining algorithms, the question is: how do they not compete with each other? Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash Yes, early on this was realized and in order to scale a project funds are indeed needed. Epic Cash did not start with any funding and no ICO and was organically genesis mined with no pre-mine. Epic cash is Warianty Claytrader. a Warianty Claytrader. community driven project similar to Monero.

There is no profit-driven entity in the picture. Currently it is at 7.

This will help support the scaling of the project. Cryptodiffer Community Hi! Thank you! On your website I see links to download Epic wallet and mining software for Linux,Windows and MacOs, I am a user of android, is there a version for me, or does it have a release date?

Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash This is one of the most exciting features of Mimblewimble, which is its extraordinary ability to compress blockchain data.

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In Bitcoin, the entire history of a coin must be replayed every time it is spent, and comprehensive details are permanently stored in the blockchain. Epic discards spent transaction inputs and consolidates outputs, storing neither addresses or amounts, only a tiny kernel to allow sender and receiver to prove their transaction. The Vitex mobile app is great for Warianty Claytrader., and we have a native mobile app for iOS and Android in the works as well.

Who is Epic Biggest competitors?

But we have learned that the supply economics of Bitcoin is very sound. Until today we can Warianty Claytrader. how the Bitcoin is being adopted institutionally and by retail. We match the 21 million BTC supply economics because it is an inelastic fixed model which makes the long-term economics very sound. To have an elastic model of burning tokens or printing tokens will not have a solid economic future. Take for example the USD which is an inflating supply.

In terms of competitors we look at everyone in crypto with respect and also learn from everyone.

If we had to compare to other Mimblewimble tech coins, Grin is an inelastic forever inflating supply Warianty Claytrader. in the long term is not sound economics. Beam however is an inelastic model but is formed as a corporation. The fair distribution is not there because of the permanent revenue model setup for them. Cryptodiffer Community What your plans in place for global expansion, are you focusing on only market at this time?

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Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Our plans for Global expansion are simple — we have advocates in different regions addressing their audiences in their native languages. We are growing organically, by explaining our ideology and usability. The idea is to grow beyond needing a fiat bridge for crypto use, but to rather replace fiat with our borderless, private and fungible crypto so people can use it to get goods and services without using banks.

We are not limiting ourselves to one particular demographic — Epic Cash is a valid solution for the gamers, investors, techie and non techie people, and the unbanked. Did you have any problems with the regulators? And there will be no problems with listing on centralized exchanges? Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash In terms of structure, we are carefully set up to minimize these concerns.

Without a company or investors in the picture, and having raised no funds, there is little scope to Warianty Claytrader.


Warianty Claytrader.

in terms of securities laws. Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely acknowledged as acceptable, and we follow in their well-established footprints in that respect. They are more censorship resistant, secure, and privacy-protecting. Scalability in Bitcoin requires complicated and compromised workarounds such as Lightning Network and light clients, and these problems are solved in Epic. Warianty Claytrader. our forthcoming Mobile Mining app, hundreds of millions of cell phones and tablets will be able to easily join the network.

People can quickly Warianty Claytrader. cheaply send money to one another, fulfilling the long-envisioned promise of P2P electronic cash. Bitcoin Standard tokenomics Warianty Claytrader. disinflation and a fixed supply are well proven over a decade now. We follow this model exactly, with a permanently synchronized supply fromand 4 emission halvings from now until then, with our first one in about two weeks.

Beyond that, we can apply some simple logical tests. What is more valuable, money that can only be used in some cases censorable Bitcoin based on a lack of fungibility or money that can be used universally? Epic is also poised to be a more decentralized and therefore resilient network because of wider participation in mining. Beam and Grin use MimbleWimble protocol, so what are difference for Epic?

All of you will be friends for partners or competitors? The biggest differences though are in tokenomics and project structure.

Grin has permanent inflation of 60 coins per block with no halvings, which means steady erosion of value over time due to new supply pressure. It also lacks a steady funding model, making future development in jeopardy, particularly as the per coin price Warianty Claytrader.

Beam has a for-profit model with heavy early inflation and a high developer tax. Epic builds on the strengths of these earlier mimblewimble projects and addresses the parts that Dla Lekcja Forex Dzumienia be improved.

Cryptodiffer Community Some privacy coin has scalability issues!

Warianty Claytrader.

How Epic cash will solve scalability Warianty Claytrader. Why you choose randomX consensus algorithem? Fungibility has recently become a hot issue as people have been noticing Bitcoins being locked up by exchanges which may of had a nefarious history which are called Tainted Coins. In example coins that have been involved in a hack, darknet market transactions, or even processing coin through a mixer.

Today we can already see freshly mined Bitcoins being sold at a premium price to avoid the fungibility problem Bitcoin carries today.

Warianty Claytrader.

Bitcoin can be tracked by chainalysis and is not a fungible cryptocurrency. One of the features that Epic has is privacy with added fungibility, because of Mimblewimble technology, Epic has no addresses recorded and therefore nothing can be tracked by chainalysis. Below I provide a link of an example of what the lack of fungibility is resulting in today with Bitcoin.

One of the reasons why we chose the Random X algo. Random X algo can be mined on old computers or laptops. What is the uniqueness of Epic Cash that cannot be found in other project that´s been released Warianty Claytrader.

far? Our tech is solid, but we not get hung up on pure tech talk which most casual users do not need to or Warianty Claytrader. to understand.

Warianty Claytrader.

As long as our fundamentals and tech are secure and user friendly our primary goal is to educate about use cases and market potential. We use Mimblewimble for privacy and anonymity.

Our blockchain is much lighter than our competitors.

Specifically, sending via Tor which eliminates the need to open portsproof of payment useful for certain dex applications e. Bisqand our native mobile app. Two obvious options are increasing the block size, as well as a Lightning Network-style Layer 2 structure.

We are the only Mimblewimble crypto to Warianty Claytrader. a unique cocktail of mining algorithms allowing to be mined by casual miners with gaming rigs and laptops, while remaining friendly to GPU and CPU farmers.

There is more Bitcoin value Warianty Claytrader.

Warianty Claytrader.

on Ethereum than in Lightning Network, so we will similarly integrate Epic so that it can trade on networks such as Uniswap, Kyber, and so on.

Cryptodiffer Community If you could choose one celebrity to promote Epic-cash, Warianty Claytrader. that would be?

Warianty Claytrader.

Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash I am a firm believer that the strength of the project lies in allowing community members to become their own celebrities, if their content is good enough the community will propel them to celebrity status. Organic celebrities with small but loyal following are vastly more beneficial than big name professional shills with inflated but non caring audiences.

I remember the Warianty Claytrader. days of Apple when an enthusiastic dude named Guy Warianty Claytrader. became Apple Evangelist, he was literally going around stores that sold Apple and visited user groups and Evangelized his belief in Apple. This guy became a Legend and helped Apple become what it is today. There is the scalability features of it. It is implemented into Epic by transaction cut-through. Which means it allows nodes to remove all intermediate transactions, thus significantly reducing the blockchain size without affecting its validation.

Mimblewimble also does not use addresses like a BTC address, and amount of transactions are also not recorded.

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One problem Monero and Bitcoin are facing now is scalability. It is evident today that data is getting more expensive and that will Warianty Claytrader.

a problem in the long run for those coins. How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project? Cryptodiffer Community Q1 : What are your major goals to archive in the next 3—4 years? Q2 : What are your plans to expand and gain Warianty Claytrader. adoption? By offering simpler ways to mine Epic Cash with smart phones for exampleand by doing more education we will achieve the holy grail of crypto — moving past the fiat bridges and getting Epic Cash to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services.

We will accomplish this by working with regional advocacy groups, community interaction, off-line promotional activities and diverse social media targeting. Why a halving so soon? Is a mobile version feasible? After that, the supply of Epic and that of BTC stay Warianty Claytrader.

until maxing out at 21m coins in Today we have a mobile wallet through the Vitex app, a native mobile wallet coming, and are working on mobile mining. Cryptodiffer Community What Warianty Claytrader. will you add after that? We are not limiting ourselves to the technocrats, one of our main goals is to help the billions of unbanked. We Warianty Claytrader. everyone to be able to mine, buy, and most of all USE Epic Cash — gamers, farmers, soccer moms, students, retirees, everyone Warianty Claytrader.

— even bankers well once we defeat the banking industry We will continue building on the multilingual diversity of our global community adding support and advocacy groups in more countries in more languages.